improved peel hygiene for fresh fruits and vegetables

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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Safety Innovators

We are a biotech start-up that has the secret know-how of an antimicrobial biolabel that can be  applied on every fresh fruit & vegetable, with edible peel

Our goal is to convince the producers and distributors of fruits and vegetables with edible peel to differentiate their products through our innovative biotechnology in order to increase the satisfaction of the final customers.



Sprayed Antimicrobial Biocleaner and Laser Labeling

Our biotechnology is an inovative biorefining process of organic raw materials which ultimately results in a solution for sanitizing the surface of  fresh fruits and vegetables with edible peel. The invention is a laboratory prototype  (level 4 according to EU standards in terms of Technology Readiness Levels) with an efficiency of sanitation between 80% and 90% of microbial amount eliminated after washing the fruits or vegetables under running water.

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Marius Pasculea

Founder & CEO

Marius is one of the most specialized (bio)economists in Romania and at the same time an entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in developing innovative businesses. He completed his doctoral and postdoctoral studies in the field of bioeconomy, a period in which he studied the opportunities brought by this economic sector, especially those related to biotechnological based products.

Dan Vodnar

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dan is one of the most famous romanian researcher and award-winning in the field of food biotechnology, also the scientist who discovered the biotechnology behind the antimicrobial biosticker. He has an experience of more than ten years in building advanced food biotehnologies.


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